Hotel Atena, ul. Przemysłowa 67 39-300 Mielec
Hotel Atena restauracja


  1. The regulations apply to all persons staying at the Hotel Atena Mielec.
  2. The payment for the stay is collected from the Guest on the day of check-out.
  3. The basis for the Guest’s check-in is the presentation of an ID card or passport and signing the registration card.
  4. The hotel day lasts from 14:00 to 12:00 AM.
  5. People who are not checked-in in the facility may stay on its premises from 7:00 to 22:00.
  6. There is a curfew from 22:00 to 7:00. The hotel may refuse to continue providing services to a person who has breached this rule.
  7. The hotel guest is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of the hotel equipment and technical devices caused by his fault or the fault of people visiting him.
  8. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire property. In the event of a breach of this rule, guests will be charged the cost of refreshing the room: PLN 900.
  9. Pets are not allowed in hotel rooms. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of PLN 60 for each day the pet is in the room.
  10. There are fire detectors installed in every room and corridors. If the fire alarm is triggered, the Guest will be charged PLN 900.
  11. Rooms are cleaned every day from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you do not want cleaning – please post a “do not disturb” card.
  12. In an emergency, please call 100.
  13. By renting a room you accept the above regulations.
Hotel & Restauracja Atena, Sala Weselna, Całoroczna Hala Namiotowa