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The premiere of the book Anna Kolisz Inspires, film report.

The new book is premiered „ANNA KOLISZ INSPIRUJE”was a ceremonial Rose Gala organized by its author, Anna Kolisz, President of ANKOL.
The promotion took place in a beautiful rose decor Hotel & Restaurant Atena Mielec , on 08/08/2020.
Many invited guests participated in the Gala: representatives of local and poviat authorities, befriended entrepreneurs, friends and employees of ANKOL.
The premiere edition of the new book was very popular and delighted everyone present.
In it, the author shares her own experiences and inspirations that are necessary to move from dreams to the implementation of her vision, set goals, to become happy and fulfilled in life.
The book is therefore addressed to all those who have the strength, courage and seek inspiration for metamorphosis, fulfilling their passions and self-realization. It also indicates that inspirations are a signpost for personal development, achieving goals, achieving success and happiness, regardless of the area of ​​activity.


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